The resources below provide more information on the Barkly Regional Deal and initiatives being rolled out across the region.

Landscape of Epenarra: Artist Susie Peterson, Epenarra 2018

"This image embodies traditional ritual knowledge of the Wutunugurra community. It was created with the consent of the custodians of the community. Dealing with any part of the image of any purpose that has not been authorised by the cutodians is a serious breach of the customary laws of the Wutunugurra community."

Barkly Regional Deal Information

Barkly Regional Deal Statement of Intent

Barkly Regional Deal Fact Sheet

Barkly Regional Deal Implementation Plan

Barkly Regional Deal Brochure

Barkly Regional Deal Progress Report 2020

Barkly Regional Deal Progress Report 2021

Economic Growth Strategy 2030

Governance Table Documents

Community Grants


Application Form

Sample Project Plan, Risk Assessment and Budget

Other Useful Resources

Collaborative Governance - an introductory practice guide

Access to Justice in the Barkly Report

Barkly Regional Deal childcare consultancy report

Youth Justice Facility Working Group

Briefing paper