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The Barkly Regional Deal Backbone Team provides exciting career opportunities for people who want to apply their professional and cultural skills in a job that gives back to the community.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career, have a look at our listed job vacancies. We encourage talented people from all backgrounds to apply. We are particularly interested in supporting locals from the Barkly to work in a space that supports the development of positive outcomes in the region.

Please apply if you want to help us grow and be involved in supporting positive community-led change in the Barkly.

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Landscape of Epenarra: Artist Susie Peterson, Epenarra 2018

"This image embodies traditional ritual knowledge of the Wutunugurra community. It was created with the consent of the custodians of the community. Dealing with any part of the image of any purpose that has not been authorised by the cutodians is a serious breach of the customary laws of the Wutunugurra community."

There are no vacancies at present.

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