Local Community Projects Fund

The ‘local community projects fund’ is one of the initiatives under the Barkly Regional Deal that promotes culture and place-making. This Fund establishes a targeted community grants program to support local projects in communities and Aboriginal homelands outside Tennant Creek.

The Fund includes a $6 million community grants program to fund projects in communities and homelands outside Tennant Creek. The grants program is an important expression of one of the deal’s key objectives: for governments to create space for communities and homelands to identify their own priorities, ensuring communities and homelands can shape the programs that help deliver on their priorities.

The grant guidelines and the grant application form can be found in our Resources section.

Landscape of Epenarra: Artist Susie Peterson, Epenarra 2018

"This image embodies traditional ritual knowledge of the Wutunugurra community. It was created with the consent of the custodians of the community. Dealing with any part of the image of any purpose that has not been authorised by the cutodians is a serious breach of the customary laws of the Wutunugurra community."

The community plans will be developed by community members, for the community, with the support of the Backbone Team. The Backbone Team will travel across the Barkly, engaging with community members to identify current community needs and aspirations as well as project ideas.